Monday, May 02, 2011

Was the South Ignorant?

Propaganda Used to Justify Propaganda
By: Jonathan Harris

Ever heard the charge that the South was (and still is) full of a bunch of backward hicks who don't know anything about "real" education? This myth fits the progressive understanding like a well worn shoe. Once original sin is rejected man becomes perfectible. This is the basic problem with humanism. They think that all problems have their answer in some kind of psychological modification. From fascists to communists to the early Republican party (now represented more in the Democrat party) reeducation is one of the primary tenants. Take the children away from their parents and "reprogram them" through public education. This is why true conservatives are so against the federal public school system. Those who have studied history know what happened during Reconstruction when the North started their indoctrination campaign against America's children.The South, with its history of dueling, slavery, and military involvement, must be a violent culture and therefore by implication an "uneducated" culture---This justified the action. In 1865 educator Francis Waylard wrote President Lincoln stating, "The rebellion has tested the value of education. It has been a war of education and patriotism against ignorance and barbarism." Let's see if this fact really holds up. The graph below represents the number of educational institutions residing in the South compared to the rest of the nation in 1850.

In the words of James Williams in The South Vindicated, "The South, in 1850, had absolutely more colleges than the North, though her free population was more than 100 per cent. less. The proportion of public schools was smaller, but the proportion of private schools was greatly in excess." Guess it's not a lack of education that causes all the supposed "violent" behavior huh? Must be something in the water?

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